A Little About Me...

Hey, there! 
I am a non-binary doula and my pronouns are they/them/theirs/themself. I'm the parent of an astonishing three-year old. Part of why I decided to become a doula came from a desire for more community and support throughout my pregnancy and postpartum, as well as a traumatic birth experience that left me feeling quite helpless and isolated for some time after my baby was born. Over time, I've found different resources to build that sense of community and I hope to equip families with whatever they need to do the same! I really believe in the concept of the "village" we need to raise our children. We just aren't designed to do it all alone.

As a parent and educator, my basic philosophy is that babies and children are whole human beings. I approach the care of my own child and other children in an attachment-based, respectful, and child-led way. This, to me, means that I follow the child's lead in determining how best to care for them. In my little family and my experience of parenting, this has looked like extended/child-led nursing, baby-led feeding and sleeping, babywearing, bed-sharing, child-led toileting, and other such practices. Of course I understand and respect that this looks different for every family, as parenting is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, and I am equipped with resources to help you find the best choices for yourself and your family. 

A huge part of my identity and work is focused on supporting and advocating for queer and gender non-conforming folks and their families. As well, I am adamantly pro-choice and support all people in the decisions they make regarding their own bodies. I believe in making informed decisions for ourselves and our families and I strive to empower folks to seek out the resources and information they need to facilitate that process and feel confident in their choices.

While my biggest focus right now is supporting newly-postpartum people and families, I am working towards becoming a full-spectrum doula practice in the future. I am completely obsessed with every aspect of the processes of pregnancy, birth, parenting, and everything in between and beyond. I currently spend a few hours a week volunteering as facilitator of a local Postpartum Mood Disorders support group. Once I'm a little more established in my community, I plan to do more volunteer work as well, particularly with more marginalized groups, such as low-income folks, people of colour, and LGBTQ2S+ people. I offer my services on a sliding scale in an effort to make them more accessible to these groups as well. I also have plans in the works to start up a local queer parent support group!